Interdecor Design boasts of sufficient resources to satisfy all aspects of even the most demanding and complex projects, meeting the tightest time schedules, regardless of the scale of the project. Our main 4,000 square metre factory is supplemented with three other units, providing over 20,000 square metres of manufacturing resources and over 200 employees, making us one of the largest manufacturing units in Europe.
Our manufacturing plant integrates a number of features including humidity control, dust collection and ventilation that help maintain our high quality standards, while ensuring optimal comfort for all our production team members.

Working Methods

The first phase begins by developing constructional shop drawings for each item of furniture in the project by our technical department. Once developed, these shop drawings are sent for the approval of the interior designer. During this stage, the production department develops finish samples to be used in the project.
Once the drawings and finish samples have been approved by the interior designer, the production department takes responsibility and manufactures each piece, following the process of production, ensuring an optimum result through to delivery at the job site.


Interdecor produces the highest quality contract furniture combining both the advantages of modern technology and traditional methods. We have a thorough and intensive quality control process at all stages of the production and finishing processes, ensuring perfect results every time.
We are proud to count on the expertise of our experienced craftsmen to ensure that each piece of furniture is completed to meet the best standard, using the traditional skills of our production team.


Interdecor Design believes in a sustainable future. The use of certified timbers from accredited supply sources is examined and vigorously checked before any contract is undertaken. At the centre of our environmental practice is the determination to adopt energy efficiency and energy reduction technologies, actively seeking to reduce our carbon footprint, create less waste and reduce damage to the environment.
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Delivering worldwide, our network of shipping companies and freight forwarders work closely with us to ensure we always meet our customer’s schedules. We work with an in-depth understanding of our customer’s requirements and comprehend that delivery is one of the most important and crucial demands of the industry.
Our furniture is always packed individually with high quality export boxes to ensure our products will be protected, in the best way possible, against any unforeseen events.
Interdecor offers our clients a complete on-site installation service by skilled tradesmen, to ensure correct fitting and minimize any possible damage to our goods.

Key Personnel

With over 200 employees at Interdecor and associated companies, our workforce is considered as the most valuable asset, they keep motivated thanks to a policy of job enrichment where every single member is encouraged to learn as much as possible about all the processes taking place at Interdecor Design. All members of our team are versatile outside of their fields, allowing flexibility and cooperation between departments and therefore the best results for our clients.
Our project team is committed to help designers meet their client’s budget without losing the design intent. We encourage working in joint collaboration with the creativity of the designer and the technical skills of our production department; this process ensures that the finished product is manufactured to meet the highest and most demanding quality and design standards.
Each project has its own dedicated project manager who liaises constantly through the contractor and designers, monitoring the process until project completion.
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